AIHEC STEM Initiative

The AIHEC STEM Initiative focuses on supporting TCU STEM programs by facilitating partnerships, sharing information about available resources, and when funding allows, providing grant awards in targeted STEM areas.

AIHEC’s STEM Initiative is currently working in these STEM research, education, and workforce development areas:

  1. DATA SCIENCE/CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE: Provides resources to support TCU access to and use of data science/research computation tools. This includes both support for building and maintaining robust campus technology, including cyberinfrastructure at the TCUs and taking advantage of resources available remotely, such as Open Science Grid, which can strengthen and enhance STEM education and research at all TCUs
    1. Data Science/Cyberinfrastructure
    2. AIHEC Cyberinfrastructure Resources
  2. STEM WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Supporting TCU faculty and students as they prepare for an American Indian STEM workforce and create economic and employment opportunities within Native communities.
    1. Advanced Manufacturing
    2. Engineering
  3. CLIMATE CHANGE AND RESILIENCE: Supporting the TCU community in development of climate education and research activities necessary to understand, anticipate, and respond to community vulnerabilities related to climate change.
    1. BIA Tribal Resiliency Program
    2. Climate Collaboratory

The AIHEC STEM Initiative works with a number of Federal agencies and national partners to provide the resources the TCUs needs to continue to develop their STEM programs including the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, Internet2, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, Open Science Grid, North Dakota State University, HT Condor, and others.