STEM Education and Research

AIHEC is committed to supporting TCU STEM education and research programs that contribute to the core mission of the Tribal College Movement: Tribal Nation-building. The STEM initiatives listed below are intended to: a) support and facilitate TCU faculty and students engaging in research that addresses Tribal and local priorities; b) encourage students pursuing a career pathway in STEM disciplines, particularly those that address a local or regional STEM workforce need and most important, supports and promotes ways in which science, technology and engineering contribute to Tribal Nation-building.

Data Science

Foster and Share National Data Science Tools and Technology for TCU Faculty and Staff

Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Programs at TCUs

Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Programs at TCUs

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

STEM Research Experiences for TCU Students

Native FEWS Alliance


A meeting to share experiences with research, education, pedagogy and stay appraised of new projects and opportunities.