Data Science

Foundational training across academic subjects

Data science has become a foundational to performing research across STEM academic fields. AIHEC has made it a priority to ensure that students and faculty have access to data science training.

AIHEC is working with The Carpentries to bring accessible training in data science software and workflows to the TCUs. The Carpentries are well known for quality workshops and materials in foundational data science training. AIHEC is looking to host a TCU focused Software/Data Carpentry in January 2022, stay posted for additional details.

Data science is our bridge to research computing. When performing data science, there is a limit to what we can achieve on our personal laptops and desktop computers. When students and faculty need more computing resources for their work, the first place we look is Open Science Grid (OSG). OSG is a distributed high throughput computing platform that gives students and researchers access to a tremendous amount of computing power. OSG hosts regular events and workshops for users who are learning to use the platform and researchers looking to apply for grants.

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