Jenzabar Community of Practice

The AIHEC CI Team hosts the Jenzabar Tribal College Community of Practice (JTC) comprises all 19 of the TCUs that operate Jenzabar as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The JTC meets every three weeks to discuss training, performance, and support issues associated with Jenzabar systems. All TCU staff who work with Jenzabar system are welcome to join.

Primary outcomes or results:

The JTC is designed to achieve three objectives or results.

  1. Increase the awareness of Jenzabar issues that are impacting the Tribal College community.
  2. Work together to share best practices and tackle common Jenzabar challenges that impact the TCU community of Jenzabar users.
  3. Invite Jenzabar representatives or trusted vendors and experts to provide support for common Jenzabar issues.

Previous Topic Areas Include:

      • Hiring a TCU-Shared Database Administrator
      • Re-negotiation of the TCU Master Jenzabar Agreement
      • Understanding the Jenzabar annual cost to each TCU
      • Inventory of the current modules used by the TCU Community of users
      • Sharing Training Costs Across multiple TCUs

The Jenzabar TCU Community of Practice meets every third week on Wednesdays at 2pm CT.

Please contact Alex Grandon for an invitation to the community of practice.