Red Lake Nation College

Red Lake Nation College (RLNC) is located on the shores of scenic and beautiful Red Lake. The total tribal population is over 12,000 members, and currently there are approximately 150 students with future growth and average RLNC enrollment expected at 200 to 250 students. RLNC has two academic programs: an AA in liberal arts and an AAS in social and behavioral studies.
Red Lake Nation College

The Red Lake Nation Indian reservation is one of the largest in the United States, with almost one million square acres of land. Red Lake is also home to the largest group of Ojibwe language speakers in the world. Red Lake is the sixth largest natural freshwater lake in the United States, after the five Great Lakes.

The Red Lake Nation Indian reservation is also one of only two closed reservations in the United States. This means that Red Lake Nation controls all of the land within its borders with no confusing, complicated checkerboard land ownership. This huge benefit to modern day Red Lake government can be attributed to the vision, independence, and warrior mentality of our Red Lake ancestors, who would not give in to signing unfair treaties that allowed individual land ownership. The Red Lake ancestors insisted upon group ownership of the entire tribe, therefore, not allowing any loss of land through individual sales. This is how Red Lake Nation has maintained strong control over the land.

View RLNC’s video, Come Soar With Us! This video was written and performed by Tall Paul with creative input and guidance from President Dan King. All extras are RLNC students, faculty, staff, board members and Red Lake community members.