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Operational Resources

AIHEC’s Subrecipient Resources provides integral documents for TCU’s, to support proper reporting.

A common requirement of participation in an AIHEC-sponsored event involves stipend payments and travel and expense reimbursements for AIHEC staff, consultants, contractors, and TCU students, faculty, and administration. The forms below assist individuals associated with AIHEC and the Tribal College community as they register for stipends, seek payment, and/or seek reimbursement for AIHEC-sponsored travel.
      • Invoice to AIHEC – Please use this invoice template to submit a request for payment to the AIHEC Business Office.
      • AIHEC Code of Conduct – Every individual participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event must read and sign the AIHEC Code of Conduct.
      • W9 – For AIHEC to process payment, AIHEC must have a completed W-9 form from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.
      • AIHEC Expense Reimbursement & PolicyIndividuals may use the Expense Reimbursement and Policy form to request payment for travel and other expenses incurred while participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event.