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Student Resources

Documents and forms to assist Tribal College students fulfill contractual obligations, including stipend and travel reimbursement documents.

AIHEC-sponsored student programs, internships, experiences, and conferences are an important aspect of the Tribal College Movement. AIHEC conduct outreach to encourage Tribal College students to participate in grant-funded opportunities to re-enforce the campus curriculum. A common requirement of participation in an AIHEC-sponsored event involves stipend payments and travel and other expense reimbursements for the students. The forms below assist the students as they register for stipends and seek reimbursement for AIHEC-sponsored travel.
      • Invoice to AIHEC – Please use this invoice template to submit a request for payment to the AIHEC Business Office.
      • AIHEC Code of Conduct -Every student participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event must read and sign the AIHEC Code of Conduct.
      • W9 Form – For AIHEC to process payment to a student, AIHEC must have a completed W-9 form from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.
      • AIHEC Expense Reimbursement & Policy -Students may use the Expense Reimbursement and Policy form to request payment for travel and other expenses incurred while participating in an AIHEC-sponsored event.