Member dues support vital AIHEC consortium wide and central organization activities, including public policy and institutional support and advocacy, essential research and data collection, and membership meetings, technical assistance, and other activities.

Membership in AIHEC is a privilege that provides an extensive array of benefits and services, including:

  1. A strong and respected voice in shaping federal higher education policy;
  2. Comprehensive advocacy and leadership on key issues with Congress and the Executive Branch of the federal government and on selected state and regional issues;
  3. Participation in centain organization meetings and convenings without a registration fee;
  4. Membership in other national and international organizations, including ACE, the Alliance for Equity in Higher Education, and WINHEC
  5. Technical assistance, consultation, and facilitation of issues with federal agencies;
  6. Sharing of information, resources, and best practices in indigenous and emerging higher education issues and trends;
  7. Networking of national and federal higher education Thought Leaders and the community of tribal college presidents;
  8. Participation in AIHEC initiatives, programs, and great services;
  9. Scholarships and support from the American Indian College Fund, which AIHEC members established in 1989;
  10. Communities of TCU practice;
  11. Networking and professional developments meetings; and more.