AIHEC Membership Application Overview

On occasion, AIHEC may publish policy reports and guidelines that provide information to aid applicant institutions. These documents are furnished to institutions which are, or which may be, seeking membership.

The membership application process requires the documentation of an institution’s policies, practices, educational effectiveness, and financial stability. This documentation is carefully evaluated based on criteria established for each class of membership. If membership is granted, such membership may be noted in the institution’s catalog, advertising, and other publications.

It is the institution’s responsibility to become fully informed with regard to the membership application process.



All written matters concerning membership shall be communicated to:

  1. AIHEC, Attn: Membership and Accreditation
  2. 121 Oronoco Street
  3. Alexandria, VA 22314

Telephone inquiries should be directed to the AIHEC central office staff: 703.838.0400.

Application Fees

A standard application fee, currently set at $4,000.00, is required with submission of all formal applications. (Not applicable for developing/emerging membership.)

Site visit team expenses (travel, lodging, per diem, etc.) are the responsibility of the applicant institution. Initial site visit team expenses will be deducted from the application fee, which is required to be submitted along with the formal and complete application. If additional site visit(s) are recommended or required, the applicant institution must make arrangements with the AIHEC central office to pay all site visit team expenses. An additional site visit will not be scheduled until written arrangements regarding site visit team expense reimbursement are confirmed with the central office.

Site Team Visits

An AIHEC-appointed site visit team may consist of only one person but may include additional members.

  1. The team must include at least one regular member of the AIHEC board.
  2. Additional site visit team members may be assigned for the evaluation of any type of institution and its program. The size of the institution, as well as other factors including the specialized offerings, will be considered in selecting team members.
  3. One person outside of AIHEC may be appointed to the site visit team, with the approval of a majority of the AIHEC Executive Committee.

A member of a site visit team may be replaced upon reasonable objection raised by the applicant institution prior to the site visit.

During the site visit, the applicant institution must ensure opportunities for adequate consultation between the team members and board members, faculty, administrative staff, and students.

Each site visit will include an exit interview with the chief executive officer of the institution visited. The purpose of this exit interview is to summarize the findings and recommendations of the team and to provide an opportunity for the institution to clarify any unanswered questions of the site visit team.

Report and Recommendation

Following a site visit, team members will prepare a written report, which addresses each item reviewed and other matters that the team members deem pertinent to the accurate evaluation of the applicant institution. The report will include a recommendation on membership within AIHEC. The site visit team report and recommendation are forwarded to the chairs of the AIHEC board and Membership and Accreditation Committee and the applicant institution. The chief executive officer of the applicant institution may comment on the report.