Inactive AIHEC Grants

Inactive AIHEC Grants

Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH)

The overall goal of this multi-site research proposal was to establish a network of community-based researchers and coordinate their efforts to identify, develop, pilot, and evaluate intervention strategies and models that address significant behavioral health issues in the communities served by the Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs). Over a third of the TCUs have a critical understanding of historical trauma and community-based participatory research. One third of the TCUs were able to implement behavioral health research initiatives with such research non-existent previously. The basics of research knowledge and skill development are embedded in the TCU curriculum; thus, assuring the continued development of behavioral health researchers.


USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

This program was a collaborative effort with the USDA to strengthen environmental and agricultural research, education, and management practices in Tribal communities. It also aimed to foster collaborations among Tribal education, research, and agriculture stakeholders around community food security, environmental management, and related issues.


National Science Foundation Indigenous Evaluation Framework (NSF IEF)

This program focused on researching the effectiveness of the Indigenous Evaluation Framework (IEF) for conducting programmatic evaluation of STEM education programs at institutions serving American Indian and Alaska Native students.


NSF Widening Implementation and Demonstration of Evidence-based Reforms

The major goals of this program were to 1) Develop Problem-Based Learning (PBL) training and technical support resources for dissemination among Tribal College and University (TCU) STEM faculty; 2) Promote and support the adoption of the PBL instructional model among TCU STEM faculty through training and provision of resources to support implementation of PBL at participating TCUs; and 3) Establish a sustained community of research and practice in PBL and related STEM pedagogical models among the AIHEC Tribal College and University membership.