Program Support

Welcome to Program Support (PS).  PS contains a full range of Grant, Finance & Accounting, and Policy & Procedure information and resources.   Please choose your destination below.

The Program Support section provides oversight and guidance for the administration of AIHEC-sponsored programs and ensures adherence to AIHEC institutional policies and the regulations of AIHEC’s sponsors. Program Support guides and assists the Tribal College and University community in support for all AIHEC administered programs, contracts, subawards, and grants.


Student Resources: Documents and forms to assist Tribal College students fulfill contractual obligations, including stipend and travel reimbursement documents.


Contractor Resources: Important documents and forms for current and future contractors to fulfill contractual obligations to AIHEC.

Clock gears

Operational Resources: Miscellaneous requisite documents to fulfill additional contractual obligations to AIHEC and support other AIHEC internal operations.

Dine College

Subrecipient Resources: Documents and forms integral to the TCU community to support submit subaward, subcontract, and subrecipient reports and invoices.