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A key strategy in achieving the DOD’s mission to “Discover, Innovate and Transition Science and Technology” is to advance the development of the STEM research and education ecosystem that provides career pathways for all Americans to pursue careers in science and technology fields associated with the DOD’s research and development priorities.  The nation’s 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities represent an important component of the STEM career pipeline, and therefore a potentially important contributor to the community of DOD research scientists and engineers.  The proposed project will establish an outreach, recruitment and support program that will recruit TCU faculty and students to the DOD summer research fellowship program and facilitate sustained TCU/DOD partnerships that will improve the overall capacity of TCUs to prepare students to transition to STEM advanced degree programs and STEM careers.  In summer 2020 AIHEC recruited 21 participants from five Tribal Colleges to work for ten weeks at a DOD research laboratory.