Data Science and Cyberinfrastructure

Data Science and Cyberinfrastructure – AIHEC advances the STEM and education programs at the nation’s 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) by implementing a comprehensive CI capacity-building strategy that focuses both on the colleges’ STEM faculty and CI support staff. With support from external partners and regional institutions, this comprehensive CI strategy focuses on CI training, planning and community-building involving both STEM faculty and TCU IT organizations, providing the resources, technical assistance and national network to advance participating TCUs toward CI-readiness and CI-enabled STEM research and education programs. A sustained TCU community of CI practice facilitates collaborations among STEM faculty and IT department personnel at the TCUs and with national CI partners, broadening dissemination of research computing best practices and shared technical knowledge and skills.

Data Science

Foster and Share National Data Science Tools and Technology for TCU Faculty and Staff

Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Planning

TCUs Work with the AIHEC CI Team to Develop an IT Strategic Plan

TCU IT Directors Community of Practice

AIHEC Hosts a Community of Practice of IT Directors and Staff at the TCUs

Jenzabar Community of Practice

AIHEC Hosts a Community of Practice for the Jenzabar Staff at the TCUs

North Dakota Cyber Team

AIHEC, North Dakota State University, and the North Dakota TCUs work on Building IT Capacity

Nationwide Cyber Partnerships and Solicitations

The AIHEC CI Team’s National Partners and Federal Solicitations

2017 – 2019 TCU Cyberinfrastructure Study

The AIHEC CI Team’s Original CI Project with the TCU Community