College of the Muscogee Nation

College of the Muscogee Nation was established to serve Muscogee citizens and other tribal members utilizing the history, government, language, and culture of the Muscogee people. The College has degree programs to meet the unique needs of students seeking careers in the tribal sector, and associate degrees will also serve as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree. Through collaboration with the Oklahoma State University system, the College of the Muscogee Nation, located at Okmulgee, Oklahoma, currently offers a variety of general education and tribal specific courses at both OSU-Okmulgee, and OSU-Oklahoma City.
College of the Muscogee Nation

College of the Muscogee Nation’s regular curriculum, established by tribal members, stresses priorities for a tribal and global society and reflects sensitivity to tribal values, culture, traditions, language and lifestyles. Educational priorities are set to meet tribal, Creek chartered community, and individual tribal citizen preferences and needs. Through instructional quality and visionary leadership, the College of the Muscogee Nation will encourage lifelong learners, for personal growth, professional development, and intellectual advancement.

The College’s 32-acre campus houses a 22,000 square foot educational and administrative facility featuring an array of Muscogee designs, Smart Board equipped classrooms, computer lab, Student Success Center, faculty offices, and a student commons area. Student housing consists of 16 two-bedroom units, including telephone, cable, and Internet. Also, the College of the Muscogee Nation has a new Student Center, which includes a library, bookstore, fitness center, cafeteria, science lab, additional classrooms, and seminar space.