Blackfeet Community College

Blackfeet Community College (BCC) is a public two year tribally-controlled community college located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana, with an average student enrollment of 650 annually. Blackfeet Community College is a cultural and educational tribal college that promotes learning, as well as a place that honors the tribal identities of the Blackfeet people. The College provides the Blackfeet Nation access to quality educational programs that prepare students for achievement in higher education, meaningful employment, basic skills instruction, and community education, while integrating the Blackfeet culture and language.
Blackfeet Community College

To help students coming to Blackfeet Community College, the College works with local high schools in developing a curriculum that aligns with the college requirements. Blackfeet Community College Readiness courses are focused on providing courses and financial support for high school seniors to be college ready, thereby impacting drop out and failure rates. Blackfeet Community College has an ongoing relationship with the Blackfeet Head Start program and trains and educates these teachers for their Child Development Associate.

Blackfeet Community College’s vision is to strengthen and enrich their community through quality education integrating the Nii-tsi-ta-pi world of knowledge.