AIHEC Website Archives

Browse the extensive AIHEC archives to locate important historical and program related documents!

AIHEC maintains this online archive of documents to offer access to AIHEC’s members, funders, partners, and other interested viewers to valuable documents for reference. The archive has been divided into five topic areas: documents for historical reference, documents that pertain to AIHEC’s previous years’ advocacy efforts, documents from previous AIHEC Board of Directors meetings, past announcements in the AIHEC weekly updates or press releases, and reporting and proposal documents for previous AIHEC grants that are inactive.


The AIHEC History archive includes documents that highlight the history of AIHEC and the emergence and achievements of the Tribal College Movement.


The AIHEC Advocacy archive includes documents AIHEC’s legislative priorities and advocacy efforts from previous congressional fiscal years.

AIHEC Meetings

The AIHEC Meetings archive provides access to the meeting documents from previous AIHEC Board of Directors’ meetings, such as agendas, board books, and meeting minutes.

Weekly Update/Press Releases

The Weekly Updates/Press Release archive provides interested audiences access to recent AIHEC announcements and notifications.

Inactive Grants

The Inactive Grant archive is a repository for AIHEC proposals and reports for Federal agency and foundation grants which AIHEC was awarded, completed, and closed.