TribalCol-AIHEC Student Athletics

AIHEC Student Athletics

Tribal Colleges and Universities embrace the development of the tribal college student, their tribal institutions, and their tribal communities through athletics.

TCU athletics share the common values of culture, respect, wellness, and leadership as the cornerstones of their program. AIHEC-sanctioned athletic competition is an equal privilege with academics acknowledged as the priority for students.

AIHEC Athletic Commission

Role and Responsibilities of the Commission

    1. To promote and develop athletics as an important component of Tribal College and University holistic education
    2. To serve as overseers of AIHEC-sponsored athletic events including the enforcement of AIHEC policies, procedures, rules, and regulations and the resolution of any challenged decisions
    3. To encourage, through standardized guidelines and codes of conduct, sound ethics and good sportspersonship as the cornerstone to a strong athletic program and an accomplished AIHEC athlete and scholar
    4. To enforce gender equality wherever absent to broaden opportunities and increase participation.

2020 Commissioners
David Yarlott
Gerald Stiffarm
Juan Perez
George LaFrance
Cameron Billy
Brady Fairbanks
Twyla Baker
Pete Conway

Little Big Horn College
Aaniiih Nakoda College
Salish Kootenai College
Navajo Technical University
Stone Child College
Leech Lake Tribal College
Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College
United Tribes Technical College

AIHEC Athletics Staff

Alex Grandon

Central Office